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GBO Radiotherm 1006

GBO Radiotherm 908

GBO Ultratherm 1008

The RADIOTHERM® 1006 generates constant and pulsed microwave energy for thermal and non-thermal applications. Providing relief to the subcutaneous fat tissue, microwave radiation offers beneficial effects for muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints: Increased circulation, improved cell metabolism, and spasmolysis relief and pain relief are among the most notable effects that can be achieved after just a relatively short period of therapy. Pulse mode broadens the range of applications further: Even acutely inflammatory processes can be given targeted treatment.

  • Continuous and pulsating mode
  • Effortless operation simply by setting dose and treatment time
  • Automatic switch-off after completion of treatment
  • Immediately ready-for-use
  • Continuously adjustable power output of the RADIOTHERM® 1006 output, from 0 to 200 Watt
  • Simple application just by turning the microwave emitter towards the area to be treated; no high-frequency tuning; requires just one supporting arm
  • Special emitters for diverse applications: circular field, longitudinal and trough shaped radiators (up to 200 W) for extremities and wider treatment areas. Focus radiators for closely circumscribed areas
The ULTRATHERM® 908i is a high-performance short-wave therapy device with pure semiconductor technology, i.e. no tubes, for thermal and non-thermal high-frequency applications.
  • High-performance high-frequency generator with output characteristics suitable for therapy
  • 200 W in continuous and max. 400 W in pulse mode
  • Continuous high-frequency output with deep acting application at electrode-to-skin distances of approx. 2 cm
  • Pulse mode for non-thermal therapy. Here, peak high-frequency outputs are applied to the patient with short pulse times, without any noticeable heat stimulation.
  • Effective treatment thanks to a high-frequency output which can be regulated across broad ranges, enabling all applications to be applied with bodily warming which ranges from unnoticeable to noticeable and pleasant through to tolerable.
  • Simple application using automatic coordination system for uniform output delivery both in continuous and impulse mode
  • Output adjusted by keys; corrections can be made at any time during use
  • Automatic overcurrent protective device for overload protection 
The ULTRATHERM® 1008 is a high-performance vaccuum tube device which, thanks to its comprehensive functionality, user-friendly operator concept with graphic display and ergonomic design sets new standards in short-wave therapy. 

  • Universal, high-performance short-wave therapy device with extensive indication spectrum and with comprehensive graphic user-display
  • Pictograms for the placement of the electrodes, easily understandable text menu, matching and effective output display
  • Optimized output for thermal and non-thermal treatment
  • 400 W in continuous and max. 1000 W in pulse mode
  • Versatile, deep action treatment possibilities with coil field or capacitor field electrodes (according to Schliephake)
  • Modular, safe, and service-friendly unit
  • Ergonomically designed unit








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following accessories are for the company TUR Type KWI 5 avaible
even compatible to Siemens Ultratherm 808:



Pieces in Stock

KWI Elastic-elektrode 20x30   

KWI Filzzwischeneinlage (mit je 2 Stück Inhalt ) 20x30       

KWI Filzzwischeneinlage (mit je 2 Stück Inhalt ) 10x16      

KWI (HF-Cable)Kurzwellenspezialkabel (mit je 2Stück Inhalt) 

KWI Monode

KWI  Strahler small  

KWI  Strahler middle

KWI Minode 

KWI Strahler, big

KWI Achselstrahler

Holterarms,  2 pieces

Art.Nr. 30 00 10 13

Art.Nr. 30 00 10 19

Art.Nr.30 00 10 17

Art.Nr. 20 00 10 03





















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