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Basic version for resting ECG (12 leads)

works with flow or with build in battery              

Price on request


Enhance decision making efficiency and continuity of care

The MAC 1200 ST is in its basic version a resting ECG system whose true one-button operation 
makes it especially suitable for routine use in private practice, emergency medicine or hospitals.

The standard, built-in battery provides for mobile use anytime and anywhere. An extraordinary feature is the independent battery operation together with the electrode application system KISS with device integrated suction pump (optional). The MAC 1200 ST has a brilliant graphic display where the 12 leads can be displayed quickly in 3-lead sequences.

The MAC 1200 ST offers individually adjustable output formats for evaluation of the ECG and for archiving:

  • One A4 page for the complete 12-channel resting ECG with all relevant curves, patient data, date, time and instrument settings
  • Configurable parameters of the stress test reports
With its four operation modes and available options, the MAC 1200 ST fulfills standard requirements:
  • Automatic Registration of a 10-second resting ECG with 12 leads simultaneously
  • Manual Real-time registration of 6 channels
  • Arrhythmia Continuous ECG monitoring for arrhythmia with event documentation and final repor

Stress test (OPTION)

  • 12-channel ST-measurements
  • Variety of different stress test procedures and creation of individual parameters
  • Automatic control of diverse bicycle ergometers and treadmills (Variobike 500, ERG 900/L/EL, EC 1200, Lode Excalibur, T2000, Trackmaster) One A4 page for the complete
  • Advanced configuration possibilities of stage and final report
The MAC 1200 ST is always up-to-date through its good communication capability and extendable software functions:

RS232 interface

  • for communicating directly or via modem with CardioSys/CardioSoft PC or with the Catalyst MUSE CV
  • for the connection cable to the ergometer/treadmill
There are software option keys available for resting ECG (Measurement, Interpretation, Memory: Storage of 40 resting ECGs) and for stress test (ERGO option).


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