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U N D E R   C O N S T R U C T I O N!!




The classical compact ultrasound device

  • Continuous and pulsating ultrasound at 875 kHz
  • Output of up to 2.5 W/cm2
  • Waterproof sound heads for under-water treatment
  • Ultrasound heads with 4 cm2 and 1 cm2 effective surface
  • Sound heads can be replaced without the need to readjust the device
  • Coupling display on the device and on the sound heads
  • Splashwater-protected case
  • Easy-to-operate with film-membrane keyboard

Sonostat 135

The SONOSTAT® 135 with its two frequencies, 1 MHz and 3 MHz, each of which has a different depth impact, offers a high degree of functionality and operating convenience for universal ultrasonic therapy.

The ultrasound is applied to the patient by means of ergonomically designed and 100% watertight treatment heads with a size of either 2.5 cm² or 5 cm².
The treatment head is made of high-quality titanium. In contrary to conventional aluminum heads, titanium is bioinert, i.e. 100% kindly to the skin, much more tough and therefore is much more durable and does not tarnish.
Both treatment head sizes can be simultaneously connected to the unit.

Sonostat 133

The SONOSTAT® 133 with its different frequencies (1 and 3 MHz) and easy handling is the ideal start into Ultrasonic Therapy.

The ultrasound is applied with ergonomically designed and 100% watertight treatment heads of 2.5 cm² or 5 cm².
The treatment heads are made of high-quality titanium, which is bioinert in contrary to conventional aluminium heads, i.e. 100% friendly to the skin. Furthermore, the heads are very robust, much more durable and non-tarnishing.

Both treatment head types may be used for both frequencies. The required working frequency can be selected on the control panel by just pressing the respective button.

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Classical Electrotherapie




Stereodynator 928

Universal Neuroton 926

Sonodynator 934





Therapie-Neuroton 927

Duodynator 119 / Duodynator 1049

Neoserv 114 / Neoserv 1044






Hitop Bodybeauty 172

Cryotherapy is an established and trusted method which has been known for roughly 100 years now. Until today this method has normally involved procedures in which an applicator has been reduced to a very low temperature by diverse cooling agents before being applied to the patient.

Due to the high operational costs involved and the difficulty of achieving reproducible results, because the cooling input cannot be dosed, these procedures have so far only been used by specialists. If the cooling dosage is too high, in these methods, which involves temperatures of as low as –190°C, scars can be induced.

The CRYOCARE® from gbo Medizintechnik AG opens up a wide new field for safe and reliable treatment in Cryotherapy. The skin indications are aging spots, pigmentation and hemangioma, especially in Pediatrics.

In CRYOCARE® the cold is generated electrically by a Peltier element and kept at a constant level of –32°C on the applicator tip. The only operating costs are those for energy consumption. The technical side of the device is simple, clear and easily operated by the user.

Laser therapy using gbo devices achieves a therapeutical effect without chemicals, in a purely biological manner. In addition to the healing power of light, gbo also applies healing methods from the Far East such as acupuncture and acupressure.

The principle of these therapies – which have already been used for millennia – remains unchanged, only the "tool" is different: the meridian points of the human body are stimulated using laser light and not using needles.




ECG / EEG/Defi



Electrotherapy & Diagnosis

Anesthesia & Monitoring